11th gen instant wake from sleep with anything attached

Hi all,

My 11th gen framework is refusing to go to sleep with ANYTHING other than a c to c expansion card or charger plugged into the top right port.

As soon as Windows tries to sleep it detects The laptop is being charged for a brief moment and then wakes up from sleep, and tries to sleep again resulting in an infinite loop.

I’ve tried removing every expansion card, trying expansion cards one by one etc and I’ve narrowed it down to the port.

Here are two videos of the behavior.

This is very weird behavior that I have not seen before. I would send a message to support if you haven’t already, just remember that the response may take some extra time since they are getting a lot of messages right now.

Support told me im SOL because I don’t live in the EU and warrenty outside the EU is only 1 year, and my only option is to fork over more money and buy a new mainboard.

ahh, yeah that is unfortunate that it seems the only solution support had was a mainboard replacement. If you wanted to do your own troubleshooting, I wonder if there’s some pin in the USB port that could be triggering this. The C to C card is just an extension of all the traces, but the other cards act like USB converters. This makes me wonder if there is some USB device detection pin on the mainboard that is wearing out and getting repeatedly triggered?

Depending on how savvy you are with soldering and if you have a multimeter on hand, you might be able to resolve the issue yourself. If you’d like to give it a shot, I wouldn’t mind giving some guidance on troubleshooting.