12th gen mainboard fan has less whine than 11th gen

One of the first things I noticed when stress testing the new 12th gen board is how the fan noise is a big improvement over how my 11th gen board sounds under load. My 11th gen had a pitched whine, while the 12th gen is pure white noise with no appreciable pitch. This is a nice improvement, thanks Framework team!


You may have a less that optimum fan set up. My batch 8 is as smooth as a babies bottom, not that is ramps up very often. Maybe just a quiet baby.

“often” or not doesn’t come into the picture.

OP is stating the noticed behaviour under a particular intentional circumstance.

It might be luck of the draw, my 11th gen batch 2 is whisper quiet and pure white noise. So maybe coincidence. It they actually changed the fan, I think they would have mentioned it as part of the new line.

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Interesting! Mine was batch 3. I noticed the heatsink fan on my new board has a different part number, https://fr.mw/franfvhy, which doesn’t appear to be populated on the marketplace yet.