13th Gen Intel® Core™ and AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series join the Framework Laptop 13 family

Well I have suggested that, it would seem fairly obvious as alternatives come about.

The 11th Gen replaced by the 12 Gen replaced by the 13 Gen, I can’t see Framwork keeping the older veriosn but selling what stock they have

The 61W battery is no doubt a replacement for the 55W but they with ship and delivery both, but not a choice. You buy a 12Gen or 13Gen etc.

Hinges. The old hinges are 3.3Kg and there is/was an option to buy the 4Kg, now the default is being raised to 3.5Kg but the 12 Gen will get the older 3.3Kg.

The speakers, it the same routine and note two issue:

  • The louder speakers are reported to have less bass and not generally better, just abit louder. I prefer more base so wouldn’t want the new ones

  • With all the SKUs there is stock for a) old builds like the 12th Gen and warranty for the 11th and 12th

So until stock changes the components are going to be incorporated in some version until it is clear no further warranty claims can be made, or when no warranty claims can be made they continue in some config.

The speakers maybe an update but cleary not really seen as essential upgrade, unlike batteries, matt screen, CPU and hinges.

That may change and a third GEN speaker may come on the market and when stock levels permit they may be the default.

It’s business with limits and not limits I set.

I hate business and could never deal with all the demands and complainants and advice etc. That anyone would try this laptop is amazing and why I bought one, I could do with the laptop but not knowing the innovative ideas can play out.

With a few draw backs, the screen’s stiffness, the battery hours . . . . I can easily say it is not perfect, but I’ve been playing with it 6 hours a day since Feb 2022

The only compliant is that I can’t keep my hands of it and I’m hooked by the ‘good’ vibes and other work isn’t getting done. I’m becoming a laptop forum addict. No benefit arises without soem downside. I’ve chosen mine it seems.


Little more complicated than just removing old stock, but it’s logistical concerns.

AMD hasn’t announced the CPUs that are in 7040 Series Frameworks. They’re under an information embargo, which is why they’re not listed on the product page. Once they’re announced by AMD, Framework will confirm the specifics.

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This is what a 7840U at 28w looks like. If we end up getting HS…it’ll be amazing.

The speakers are very easily swap-able by the end user (I did it on two FW13!), and both models are available on the marketplace, so yes you can exchange them for the cost of the new pair only (plus shipping fee).

That’s the point, so not really. You buy as a first time customer and shipping may do some damage.

Buy with any major product to avoid shipping, that about as nominal as you are likely to get.

Unless they beef up the cooling compared to the previous intel ones, you likely won’t get far over 30w anyway. Personally I would not mind having the headroom the hs gives for custom builds but for the normal laptop version there is likely to be very little difference between the two because it is cooling limited and not power limited.

Yeah, made a note of that already:

Would be kinda neat if the sold a extreme fan kit or something that just put a ridiculously loud high rpm fan in there for maybe 40-50w, not really usefull for most cases bzt would be pretty cool.

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Yeah, especially for blade / server / DIY use cases with tuneable PL1/2.

Maybe create a THICC edition of the FL13 with thicker chassis, taller fins & fan, larger battery and deeper keytravel keyboard.

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Are the power limits locked on the previous frameworks? That sounds kind of out of character, giving us an open source ec but locking down power limits.

That would be the really nice solution but probably won’t happen. I might print something once there is a solid cad for the bottom case available.

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That seems like it would be a Intel thing and less a Framework thing.

I don’t really care about intel (though I never had issues messing with the pl on those) and the pl on the amd chips is very configurable as long as the bios does not lock them down, so it would definitely be on frameworks side if they lock it down or not, and I hope they don’t.

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There’s currently no way to adjust tau on the 11th gen Framework that I’m aware of, and the CPU will be set to 28W after that…even if I give it abundance of cooling.

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So the msrs are locked by the bios then? That would be a pretty big deal if true.

Throttlestop/xtu on windows or intel-undervolt (it doesn’t just undervolt it’s just the name of the program) on linux don’t work?

After the default 56 seconds boost, it locks to 28W. Nothing the kernel or userland can do.


Even if you raise PL1 in XTU/Throttlestop/Intel-undervolt?

At least on the intel 11th gen hardware I have access too (dell precision), xtu can still change the power limit just fine. The bios has the option to lock the msrs down before loading the os but in the case of the dell there it wasn’t done.

Is there official confirmation of framework locking down the cpu msrs, that would be a pretty big deal imo.

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It’s official: 7840u for Ryzen 7, 7640u for Ryzen 5


Any news on shipping for the 13th Gen Intels? They’re listed as shipped on the configure page but I guess that’s just because we’re in May now.


I apologize for this initial reaction.

On the day pre-orders opened, right after the livestream, I could not access the site. I took that to mean that FW was being flooded with orders, so I rushed through the process on my phone. It didn’t help that the livestream had those audio glitches, which I thought made it very difficult to follow along.

Anyway, I guess I might’ve called the speakers “Original”, too. What else would you call them that wouldn’t disparage them so much that no one would want them? But all too often, when companies use that kind of phrasing, they are artificially dressing it up to mask something they don’t want the public to know. In this case, perhaps louder is genuinely not better for everyone. Especially if the loudness comes at the cost of fidelity.

At any rate, sorry again for my reaction. It wasn’t clear (to me) during the livestream that the “new” speakers were not included with the Ryzen 13, and I only learned about it after finding this thread. Felt a bit like bait and switch, but I guess I shouldn’t be holding FW to such a high standard this early in its existence. Not really fair.

Though, I guess if you are attempting to disrupt an industry so elemental to the lives of billions of people, some may naturally form such expectations (however unfairly). :wink: