250GB storage module & windows - repeated "connect / disconnect" chimes

Our Framework is running great, but have noticed that when the 250GB storage module is connected, often windows will make the “device just inserted” rising chime, followed by the “device removed” falling chime. We’ve tried plugging / unplugging, as well as plugging it into a different port, but it happens regardless. When we replaced it with the Micro-SD module, the sounds stopped happening.

Is anyone else having this happen? How might we fix it?

Sounds like a issue with the expansion card, remember there was this EMI sticker that can affect it. Can someone help?

Hi Dylan, could you file a support request on this? It seems like possibly a bad card: Framework | Support

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I poked around some more, and it turned out the problem went away when I formatted the drive. Not sure what (if any format) it came with, but with a fresh format, it stopped doing the chime repeat thing.

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I’ve been getting the exact same problem. Most noticeably been getting I/O errors with P2P applications. Have you still been getting any issues?

I’ve recently started using my expansion storage cards and have the same problem, except mine are formatted and in use.

Have my Steam library on one. Had it disconnect in a gnashing session. Not fun.

Any idea what the issue is?