7040 Windows 11 Low Performance After Sleep


I wonder if anyone can help, or has experienced the same…?

Since receiving my Batch 1 FW 13 with Ryzen 7840U, I’ve noticed that intermittently (not every time, but usually every day), the performance of the laptop drops after waking from sleep. This performance drop stays until a reboot (or hibernate/resume).

I can’t give exact steps to get the device into the suboptimal state (other than sleeping off power and waking after a while - then repeating).

But the impact is the same every time - CPU performance is capped at ~70%, even when the battery is fully charged and connected to the official Framework Charger.

It looks like the CPU max power setting is being throttled to 15w (or isn’t being correctly reset when the device wakes up?).

Here’s a couple of screenshots that demonstrate running CPU-Z stress test:

Woken, demonstrating the problem. Note the 15W power limit in HwInfo and the capped performance across all cores:

Exactly the same setup, straight after a reboot. Higher power limit and full performance:

Full details of my setup:

  • 64GB Kingston 5600 DDR5
  • WD SN850X 4TB
  • Windows 11 Latest w/ all updates
  • Latest FW drivers and bios (same issue with the previous drivers and bios).

Otherwise the system has been excellent, with no problems at all and no instability.

My suspicion is that this is a firmware, driver or Windows bug - rather than an issue specific to my hardware.



I am experiencing the same issue, and this is operating system independent as per this thread:

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