A laptop in my day dreams as a poor kid from a poor country

A laptop, of course a bit cheap, but I don’t mind it being bulky and the screen being dumb as those atom processor age ones. Runs linux, and the one I can upgrade as my financial situation does.

The one that can be fixed simply when it breaks. The ugly heavy thing yet does the job perfectly, but doesn’t cost too much that can’t even be afforded. The cheap poorman’s workstation.

Background: I had my first laptop with winXP and atom processor in grade 3, received as a donation from my uncle who got a new one. After a year it had some issues and the repair shop stated it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. It was never fixed, and I don’t know what happened to it.

Similar issues with my dad’s office laptop. And now 12 years later I have received another donation hp pavillion (currently 6 years old), the cpu soldered into the board. The fan was recently not working and taking it to the repair shop, I hear that same verse, I’d cost more to fix than to get a new one, just for a f-ing piece of fan.

I’ve been to the Linux community for a while and I almost always like to fix my stuffs myself, given I don’t have money and I actually love doing it.

Framework is a thing that matters to me a lot, it’s an idea that there can be one laptop that is built to be cheap but can be upgraded overtime. Obviously I look forward to tinker with the firmwares when I get hold of one, but thanks to the people behind it, it was just a way I wanted to share my appreciation for everyone supporting it.