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Discuss the Framework Laptop 16, a high-performance 16" laptop with upgradeable, modular graphics and fully customizable input.


Tell us more about the expansion bay power/data connections! How many PCIE lanes? How is power handled? Hot swap capable?


Seconding Richard_Wieches comment!
If the recent Display Deep Dive was marketing designed to hype me up… it worked. I need MORE.


Yeah, per the blogs request: would like to hear about every component or subsystem.

Even more technical details from the display (e.g. the eDP, variable refresh implementation, etc). would be nice.


I really want to know what gpu’s will be available? and if they are new/obscure what are they similar too?


I would love to hear what GPUs will be available and how else that slot can be adapted to possible full size external GPU enclosures in the future for desktop like performance. Or what panel upgrades you have thought about implementing in the future. I’m extremely interested in pentesting and getting into the field and i believe this will be a great tool for me as I journey into the world of pentesting and I’m super excited to get my hands.

Any plans to increase the monitor resolution to 4k or 5k ?

There is another thread with a long discussion about that → Check Framework 16 screen and Linux (why not 4K)

Will there be a module for an upwards speaker that can replace the replaceable side panels beside the keyboard? This would make the audio a lot better but it would be hard to add an audio connection with all the spots, so I am ok with there only being two spots in place of the side panels beside the keyboard(I am referring to the first position shown on the LLT review of the Framework 16).


Would of been nice if the Verge or whoever let us know of the fan decibels when gaming. Kind of why I always bought Apple laptops.

You have Ryzen 7 and 9 processors labelled as Performance and Overkill. Does a Ryzen 5 motherboard use less power than a Ryzen 7? If it does you could market this as your Endurance motherboard.