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Great idea guys. Thing is most companies already allow customization of keyboard, memory and storage, but with less range for sure. Some additional ideas here:

  1. Release models of the chassis to allow users to 3D-print the cases, or custom keycaps
  2. Business model: offer a subscription-like service (similar to the premium Apple charges) to help users deal with accidental damages (liquid, drop) so they can buy parts at a cheaper rate
  3. Include more customization - screens without camera modules, more wifi card options, 5G options.
  4. Tapered chassis is so 2000 - how about an option for a complete flat chassis for maximum batt capacity as an option.

Loving the idea and can’t wait for the first release!

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The auto industry knows how to handle the “no camera” feature at scale - build them all the same, but just don’t hook up the camera. Or “air gap the camera leads”. It’s really not worthwhile to make two lids with such a small difference for a small market segment. Since Framework is wide open it should be trivial to unplug the camera yourself, or just not connect it if going the DIY route. I’ve done this on a Macbook Pro and it’s pretty easy if you’re not afraid of shuffling circuit boards a bit - should be much easier on FW. As for WiFi and 5G, the future is wide open, as the network card is on an M.2 slot, so you can use any card (or none, for stealth mode :slight_smile:).

Speaking of battery, it would be nice to have a removable battery option like the (old) business line ThinkPads. I miss being able to hot swap a battery for an instant full charge, while using a spare battery charger to charge the depleted one.


actually, Gigabyte and XMG have high end AMD laptop called A5 X1 and it is good to prevent swollen battery problem. So, I hope Framework can do the same