Alternative european power adapter

I was wondering if this power adapter would be compatible with the laptop I just bought (hurray!)
MINIX 66W Turbo ([.]com/gp/product/B08M3SFWKB/)
I’m mainly looking for something that works with European wall sockets and is fairly reliable - I’m open for other suggestions too :slight_smile:

Based on the specifications, it should.
Note: the picture indicates that you could get different charging rates, depending on what is connected.
1 usb-c, 65 W
2 USB-C 30 W
1 USB-C, 1 usb-a 45 w, an 18 w.
All three, 30, 18. 18.

I have charged my FW, with my cell phone charger 20w, a MacBook Air charger 30 w, a Samsung 45w charger, and the FW charger 65W.

The 20w boosted the charge while turned off.
The 30w will slowly increase the charge while using the computer.
45w increases faster
And 65w is very fast.

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Thanks @Edward_Gray ! Do you have any other suggestions?

Assemble it carefully, have fun.
If you are not doing Windows, read through the community for Linux experience results.

I chose Ubuntu 21.04 when I received mine, and installed it on a 250gb expansion card.
Windows 10 is on the main drive.

It has been reported that Fedora 35 is complete in supporting the computer out of the box.

For all of the people that report hardware problems, there are many more without.

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