AMD 13th Framework running a VM inside a VM shutdown the laptop immediately

Hello all,

Weird behavior I’ve just taken note of :

Running a Garuda Linux VM on NixOS (and inside this VM, I’m starting a Windows 11 VM), this cause the laptop to shutdown almost instantly after a few minutes once the Windows VM has booted to install.

I have no logs on NixOS (host system) and I’m plugged to AC (+ battery fully charged).

I think nested virtualization with Windows VM at level 2 (first level VM Linux), may be specifically causing a weird issue but I may be wrong, I would like to know if anyone else is running into those issues.

Currently running the old BIOS 3.03, will bump and try and reproduce on BIOS 3.05, any others users have attempted to use nested virtualization and have ran into similar issues ?

Framework specs : 64GB RAM DDR5 (official RAM sticks from Framework), Ryzen 7 7840U, SSD Samsung Evo 840 2To, Linux kernel (LTS) 6.1.90

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