AMD board solely in the coolermaster case?

Regarding the AMD RTC Battery, seems the Raspberry Pi 5 one could be suitable???

ML2020 Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Battery for powering Raspberry Pi 5’s real-time clock. Supplied with a pre-fitted two-pin JST plug to connect to Raspberry Pi 5’s dedicated RTC battery connector, and an adhesive mounting pad.

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going through the same issues. waited 3 months and the board won’t even boot. i am trying the framework instructions as i write this but based on testing last night the red and blue lights will continue to run hor over an hour with only a 8GB ram card installed. From wang’s post i am hoping to see a white led but seems like it will never come. I have a ticket into framework but realize they may send the smae steps which do not seem to do anything. if anyone has ideas on how to get past the “police dance” please post anythign else i can try

What make/model/speed ram are you trying to use. No-one has reported success with 5200MHz RAM.

Mainboard (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) - Ryzen™ 5 7640U

DDR5-5600 - 16GB (2 x 8GB) from framework.

the ryxen5 board, ram, and wifi card came as a kit. i have not yet installed the wifi card as i am hardwiring for now. I only have o1of the 2 cards installed right now into slot 0.

as a note i did manage to get it to boot to disable the secureboot per wang’s insturction however I never saw a white light or anything indicating the ram check finished. my screen just came up. I am now attempting to get it to boot again so that i can set stand alone mode but have not been able to get it to boot again.

latest update. managed to get the framework mainboard to boot again. this was in the cooler master case with 8GB ram (5600) and my 1 TB samsung 990 pro ssd. this was done with items in the following ports (case standing up with included rubber stand) 100W power through no expansion card lower right, HDMI display upper left though expansion card, usb-c to usb-a with keyboard and mouse dongle upper right. with this config I followed wang’s instuctions for setting stand alone mode to on. note that at this point i still have not seen any white led.

after saving and restarting, the led is now a solid blue and green on the right side of the computer (about half way up the ram card). I did notice the blue/green light changes to the left side if i provide power from the left side. can anyone confirm the light is just letting me know where power is coming from?

I am able to load live versions of ubuntu or mint without issue when I can power the computer on. i say this because pressing the power button does not consistently start the computer. I am not sure what normal operation “should” be but if it is like every other computer i have used in the last 25 years power on should require a short press only where as a long press would be used only for a forced shutdown. if anyone know an easier way for me to startup the computer or how the powerbutton in the coolermaster case normally operates please let me know.

I have not installed any operating system yet as i want to load windows 10 fist then make a mint partition (and i wont be able to load windows until wednesday).

until then i am trying to just run live operating systems and have noticed i am only able to get video out HDMI (as opposed to usbc) and no audio out of any source. does anyone know if this is a driver issue that cant really be solved until i have a full operating system loaded and can download drivers? additionally does anyone know which how to obtain drivers for mint (i now framework has a windows driver download)?