AMD Gang, any of you are planning to swap out the Mediatek WiFi?

I’ve just swapped stock Mediatek with QCNFA765, for now it seems to be more stable when signal is weak. I’ll have more data in a few days.

I don’t have a lot of issues with my Mediatek card as of yet, i.e. no random disconnects, no loss of signal after sleep mode, etc.

However, I’ve noticed that the internet speeds on my Framework are a little bit slower than on my MacBook or iPhone, it usually is around 370 MB/s on the Framework vs 500+ MB/s on the other two devices. Minor issue but still, I wonder if the AX210 would perform better.

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Today I upgraded my home wifi with a new WiFi6 AP, an ubiquity U6+.
Wired connection is HTTH 1Gb/300Mb.
Mediatek driver is dated 27/11/2023

Here are the speeds recorded in the same location
Samsung S22ultra: 920/280
Dell xps13 7390 Killer 1465 Win11: 465/280
Framework 13 mediatek Win11: 96/175

I’m presently looking on Amazon for a Killer card, had enough of this mediatek garbage

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Ordered without Mediatek as I came from the 11th gen. AX201 still going strong in Fedora.

The AX201 is incompatible with AMD processors as it requires CNVIo2. Perhaps you mean AX210?


Perhaps I do

Did you end up going with a killer? I was looking around but I’m not too sure what is compatible with AMD 7040.

I’ve always had good experience with killer and they have some awesome looking wifi 7 cards

Aren’t those just rebadged intel cards these days?

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I believe so? Pretty sure intel owns killer. I tend to see better speeds with the killer branded ones verses the generic intel ones though

They use the same linux driver so it’s pretty much tomato/tomato here XD, if the killer wifi 7 ones are rebadged be200s you are gonna have a bad time on the amd framework for now though.

My own plan is to try and get my hands on the Qualcomm WiFi 7 chip (as mentioned in this guide) and swap it out. Maybe an idea for FW to stock it on the marketplace?

It’s supposed to be an upgrade for the 210, as far as I understand

The only issue with that is I’m running windows 11. I assume there are win 11 drivers though?

The link given in the guide I mentioned goes to this page, where Windows 11 support is advertised - Qualcomm QCNCM865 - WikiDevi.Wi-Cat.RU

It also makes the amd framework not post, don’t ask me how I know XD

Don’t suppose there’s a convenient list of compatible cards :joy:

Also, what about Realtek cards?

Please AMA about the QCNCM865 and Linux :slight_smile:

I have installed Intels AX210 today and it is much better in my point of view than the Mediatek. I had cracking noise with Bluetooth, this is gone, also the range increased a lot. I am using Windows 11.


I still have my old AX210 saved in my cabinet and I think when I get the time this weekend, I will also do the same and replace the Mediatek card, I don’t have as much of an issue with it as other people but it’s just slower than my other devices for no reason, and takes up to 30 seconds to turn back on from hibernate mode.

I’ve been running a RTL8852BE I took out of my desktop in mine, and it seems to work much better than the MediaTek one (in Linux).