AMD processors?

As soon as they drop the AMD motherboard, I’m swapping it in >:)

I wonder how best to sell the intel mainboard though. I would happily sell it for half its new value, I just fear that finding a buyer might be tough…


@Matthew_Elmer You can probably sell it on your local secondhand website! If that doesn’t work out try selling it here on the forum or in the r/framework subreddit :blush:


you could also do something other than a laptop with it. Be creative :slight_smile:

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I wrote in a separate post that I have no intention of purchasing an Intel processor. Intel is not innovative… they are lazy and move only when threatened. I’d rather have the money I’m paying for a processor go to AMD. U fortunately it’s another year with no word from Framework about AMD (saying positively one way or the other). The next laptop I buy will have AMD… it appears Framework will not be in the running.

Intel has been accused of bribing reviewers and benchmarkers.
When I’ve tried the new Intel CPUs, the major problem is CPU heat. They generate a LOT.
But so do the Ryzen 6000 series CPUs.
What is needed is a decent ARM 64 processor for laptops.
Companies should follow Apple’s example.