An idea for a two-bay expansion card

I recently remembered that these type of hubs exist, and while they wouldn’t be usable with the Framework, they did give me an idea.

I am imagining this kind of “dongle” hanging off the side of the laptop, but supported by expansion card prongs. This seems like something I wouldn’t mind leaving plugged into the laptop all the time, and opens up a lot of space for those port-consuming devices, like in my case, a mouse receiver, a YubiKey Nano, and an SD card slot.

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Hey, I‘m already working on this. The big problem is charging and DP. There‘s no cheap silicon for this…

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One way around expensive silicon is to cheat and not put any in. :slight_smile:

One designed for the right hand side could be made with the rear port directed 90 degrees toward the rear (straight passthrough, like the current USB-C module) with a simple USB 2.0 hub connected to the front port broken out into say, 4 ports? This would allow for a display or power to be connected at an angle away from the mouse hand, while having room for several dongles.