Anoying "tic" fan noise even at low fan speed

After traveling the computer in my bag for a full week (1 month oldintel 12th gen) I had an anoying “tic” fan noise even at low fan speed.
All the time tic tic tic at a low volume but , very anoying after 1hour !
I tried to pull UP the plastic top protection of the fan as pictured. And it worked better rightaway.

The thing is to not touch the fan itself otherwise you can break the axis of the fan.
I think during transportation in my bag the chasis moves a little and as everything is very tight there , a 1/4 of a milimeter movement around here that causes the fan to touch the protection.

A good demonstration of reparability, I would have sent back the computer otherwise. Hoping other geeks arround will not break theire fan trying to repair it… even thought the reparability will avoid one user over two to sent it back. So its a good deal for the end user , since I would have wait 9 more month to send it back with a terrible noise; and for framework since there is not ticket no support hours and no shipping a new part.

Will keep you posted if there is an evolution.
If you have the same issue drop a line below.

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I still can notice a little noise that wasn t there few days ago :frowning: WOndering if it is not the fan itself doing this…
Not really “solved”…
I thinking of dimenteling the fan to see what s there.

Second fix :
The remaining noise was much lower but the pitch was so anoying in a quite room.
I dismentelled the fan and the heat sink. Then I dismentel the 3 little screws that hold the fan case and just reasemble everything in place…In hope that it would help…
And yes it is now 30 minutes that my laptop doesn t emite this sound anymore…

Looking at the fan case, it is very well made and maintenance is farily easy as this part will take dust in 3 years and will need cleaning.

Vibration is such a tricky thing to manage, and the fan case design seems pretty sturdy in that respect.
Really don t understand where it came from, maby one of those foam thingin that moved…

Let see if it works more than 30 minutes like this :smiley:

My first feeling is that you had bent the fan “protection” and thus the fan started to rub against it.
Another way for this to happen is that you have bent the shaft of the fan (highly unlikely)
And my last thought is that something has caught inside the fan (e.g. a piece of plastic) and is rubbing against stuff.

The fan construction is quite general, and the “protection” shroud is used to build air-pressure (this is a centrifugal fan; it builds pressure by throwing the air around the outside).
You should be able to un-bend pieces by removing them piece-by-piece, remove foreign objects and clean it.

Most laptop fan’s disk is non-removeable (so you cannot grease them easily). I am not sure about the specific one Framework used, but frankly I don’t have high hopes.

I got my laptop last week. At first, there was only a slight tic noise when the fan would spool up and run at a medium RPM. However, once I put some strain into the system that would cause the fan RPM to shoot up, the tic-ing sound got very loud. Now, even when the RPM is lowered, the tic is still very loud and noticeable. I’ve gone ahead and contacted customer support about it and I’m curious what they’ll recommend.

This video was taken while I ran Skyrim. Towards the end, you can hear the fan noise while the RPM is lower.

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I had it 1 month after receving my 12th gen.
Can t find my post…
but it was getting me crazy !!!
I ended desperately simply dismenteling the complet fan and asembling it again.
Its now about 1 month and NO fan noise anymore at all


Hallo @Zahj ,

Could you send your video again (or share a link where we can see) ? Because I would like to see if the noise is the same as me.

Thank you.

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@Zahj did you ever get a successful response from customer support? I’ve had my laptop about a month, and just started experiencing this today.