[Answered] Laptop regularly fails to recognize HDD

I have an external HDD (Transcend StoreJet 25M3) that randomly fails to be recognized. Plugging a usb flash drive solves the issue.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04
BIOS: 3.10
11th gen

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To rule out the drive itself, let’s tackle this with some general troubleshooting first.

  • What is the drive formatted to? Which file system? Ext4, NTFS?
  • Please boot to a Live USB of Ubuntu 22.04, plug in the drive - is it recognized?
  • If it fails here too, this matches my concerns with it randomly failing to be recognized (mounting).
  • With the device plugged in, run df in the terminal and see if the drive is shows up there. Please paste the output of df here in a reply.