Any sign of Framework or 3rd party touchpad with physical buttons?

I’m still hoping, but with an increasing sense of futility, that Framework or some third party will create a touchpad that has physical buttons. Ideally, they’d be like the ones that are standard on ThinkPads, but even the lesser ones that used to come on most laptops would be far better than the user-unfriendly standard that has emerged in recent years.

This is the single serious (IMO of course) remaining flaw in these machines.


Looks like 2-3 people are working on personal DIY projects to adapt a thinkpad keyboard. I don’t know if any plan to include the touchpad.
Thinkpad keyboard mod (super early stages)!

Haven’t run across any sign that Framework or a 3rd party plans to create a touchpad with button for sale.

I think there is a better chance that someone will do it for the FW16. Since it wouldn’t require an entire replacement input cover there, like it would on the FW13.


Yes, would be much more feasible on the 16" version, as you just need to replace the touchpad part, which is also mounted in a nice rectangular frame that should be relatively easy to DIY.

While in the 13" there is very little space available, you might need to change the whole input cover, also the keyboard and power button are routed though the touchpad circuit.

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