Anyone having success with 4800MT/s RAM on AMD? I'm getting daily bluescreens

Admittedly it’s not quite daily anymore, seems to have gone down, but I didn’t wanna make the title longer than it is. Seems to crash more often when I’m using more ram. Using 2x16gb Crucial CT16G48C40S5 DDR5 on the AMD 7640u. Just freezes and hangs for a very long time until it bluescreens. Most commonly it’s DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION on the bluescreen and logs. Asked framework support and the answer I got was basically just saying they don’t support 4800MT/s and can’t help unless I’m using supported RAM speeds which is unfortunate but understandable. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone having success with 4800? I’d be willing to buy new ram if it fixes it, but I’m a bit scared of the idea of spending up to 200$ on ram just for it to not fix the issue.

It’s commonly known that Framework’s AMD 7040 series only has specifically the DDR5 5600 RAM speed supported with very, very select 4800 RAM modules validated to an extent as well. The most supported and validated RAM would be the one directly from Framework themselves or others listed below as FULL validation.

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Have you tried running memtest on this?

I’ve run the windows memory diagnostic and it showed up clean, I’ll give that a shot next.

I imagine that its not ram related as have also run memtest on my device with 4800MT/s ram and it showed no errors. I also have 0 issues when my laptop is docked when I dont turn the integrated screen on so I have chocked it up to an Igpu issue, be it hardware or software

Have you checked this thread where there’s discussion of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION blue screens? A lot in that thread is pointing at possible iGPU driver issues. Perhaps your case might be related (especially if your memory checks out, though it’s not the recommended speed).

Also, if you have dump files, could you trace down the problem through WinDbg? That might give you a clearer indication of what might have led to the watchdog error.

I don’t really know how to look through them very much, but I’ve got the dump files if you or anyone else knows how to:

I did have some time to take a look. It seems varied in your case. Some crashes trace back to errors I haven’t seen on my machine. However, some of the bluescreens do trace back to the DirectX and AMD drivers. One example (dump: 102923-14937-01):

I don’t want to say too much and possibly mislead you, but I will leave this remark here: The non-recommended 4800MT/s RAM is most probably not helping your case, but it might not be the whole story. As mentioned in the thread I linked, I guess we’ll have to wait for FW support’s clarification/analysis.

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Thank you for this, I suppose I’ll just wait a while then

FW support cited the 4800MT/s ram as the problem, which I don’t think it is as they do support 4800MTs ram just not these kits we are using. I replied saying that there are multiple reports of people that are using the official kits that are still having this issue. Will keep you guys updated.