Apparently wobbly hinges

Mine seems perfectly stiff, it doesn’t fall or move on its own, 6th batch.

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You should contact Framework, because that is not how it should work. I have a batch 1 and a batch 5 and neither do this.


Yeah, if it is a problem then they will send you a new one for free.

I sent Framework a polite email detailing how much I like the laptop, but that the lid wobbles downward as I type. The response was less than helpful.

We’ve tuned the hinge force for one-hand opening, which means that the force is light enough that the lid can move when the system is in motion. We’re exploring a higher force hinge as a Marketplace item, which would lose one-hand open but be higher force to hold the lid angle while in motion.
Framework Support

I don’t want to buy a new hinge that doesn’t exist yet, I want my display to stay up. I responded

I appreciate the one-hand opening, but my lid shouldn’t fall toward the ground merely by my typing on the keyboard. And it’s too loose to use on my lap.

That was a couple days ago and the last I’ve heard from them. I realize they’re busy, but I honestly expected better support.


Kinda surprised with this. The lid for mine doesn’t close for me in any position at the moment. I wonder if you can manually adjust it.

There are two separate issues here that are getting mixed up.

  1. The hinges are not as tight as some people would like. This is what causes the screen to open further when the laptop is moved. This is annoying for people who move their laptop around a lot.
  2. The frame of the laptop, or where the hinge attaches to the frame, is too flexible. This is what results in the wobble. If the screen wobbles when struck, moved, vibrated, etc. but does not end up more or less opened than before, this is not due to the hinges being too loose, but rather the frame not being rigid enough.

Both of these problems annoy me to some extend, though I can get over the wobble. My biggest problem is with the hinges being too loose, since I regularly move around the house with my laptop, and any sudden movement will cause the screen to tilt open further. The screen is looser than any laptop I’ve ever used before, and it’s brand new. And we can only expect the screens to get looser over time as the hinges wear.

I understand their desire for one handed opening. But they erred way too far on the loose side. The hinges could be much tighter and still allow one handed opening. And even if they couldn’t have both, I would prefer a stable screen. One handed opening is just some stupid test reviewers throw in that most people really don’t care about.


Anyway the magnets are too strong for one handed opening.


I think that is a oversight of Framework’s development team. Instead of using a “bolted” hinge they used a “pressed hinge” (previous post) which mean that 1. the tension cannot be adjusted and 2. There is no way to compensate for the wear on the joint and 3. there is no mechanical “snap” when the hinge is completely closed.

Yeah that would be a tough one to swallow. But unless you have a desk vice/press there is little you can do either.

Both of the issues are present (especially on the display side) but it seems like there are more posts complaining about the hinge being loose.

If you look at post 10 and post 3 nrp was basically saying that Framework don’t think a unadjustable hinge is an issue. Which is acceptable by me (since I haven’t ordered mine yet), but can be an issue for people receiving the units prior to the launch of said “stiff hinge” marketplace item.
I still believe an adjustable “bolt on” hinge will eliminate all of the problems as well as increasing repairability. Which is why as I said it seem to be an engineering oversight, considering that other laptops not exactly renowned for their repairability (dell, hp, fujitsu, asus, lenovo) have been using adjustable ones quite extensively.


I guess I can make sure my screen’s always leaned against something to keep it open. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a laptop, though.

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Nah, that’s crazy @Richard_Tango-Lowy – you can definitely expect your hinges to work as laptop hinges are expected to work! 99.9% of us have hinges that work perfectly fine and several people who have had problems with the hinges have had the problem fixed by FrameWork.

If you aren’t having any luck there try again – collectively we’ve found they are extremely interested in keeping everyone happy, but sometimes it takes a bit of time.

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I just emailed the following back to Framework, hopefully with a bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism.

I spent a good chunk of my career doing customer and tech support consulting for companies like HP. Framework needs to get some sort of basic support structure in place. Doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but it needs some formal processes to ensure cases are logged, managed, and resolved.

Per my emails of January 11 and 12, please send me a new hinge as soon as possible, as my screen no longer stays open without being propped up.

I realize you’re busy making laptops, but support of them is equally important, and the support I received was lackluster. I’d reference a ticket number from the email you sent, but it doesn’t look like you have an incident management system. Selling laptops is one thing, keeping happy customers is another. If you want to survive in the longer term, you really want to get your support organization in order.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’ve seen far too many organizations fail for lack of effective customer management.

The Ongoing Saga of the Hinge…

I sent another contact form message to Framework about my hinge. I received an email (again) suggesting that I purchase a new hinge. I responded (again) about why I wasn’t going to pay to replace my defective hinge.

I then received an email requesting a video (VID_20220120_193421.mp4 - pCloud) of my wobbly hinge, which I sent. That was last week and I haven’t heard a word.

I consider Framework support to be a pretty complete failure at this point.

I suspect the reason that you’re getting the cold shoulder from support is because your video doesn’t demonstrate your claim. If it does then your definition of “typing” must be a lot different from mine. :joy:

Yes, if I shake my laptop like that it will also go from 140 → 180 degrees. I don’t believe that’s a manufacturing defect.

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I suspect the reason that you’re getting the cold shoulder from support is because your video doesn’t demonstrate your claim

I’d disagree honestly. In the video, he only wiggles the laptop side to side. That should not be enough to cause the screen to sag.

It’s a laptop. People use it on their lap, not always on a perfectly stable surface. The laptop should be able to handle some amount of movement without sagging. People also use laptops on buses and trains, where vibrations and bumps are common.

I’ve never used another laptop with such a loose hinge as my Framework. And based on that video, Richard’s screen is even looser than mine. I would consider that to be defective.

You will not reproduce this issue on a Macbook, Thinkpad, Surface, or even a cheap Chromebook.

Just posted the following to support, and I use the term loosely (sort of like my hinge).

I’m typing to you on my framework laptop, which is on my lap. Every 3-4 minutes I reach over and pull the display back up.

I was hoping to eventually replace the Thinkpads at my business with Frameworks–I like the Company’s mission and ideals. I don’t buy Thinkpads because they’re the best laptop in the industry; I buy them because they’re solid and they’re the best supported laptops in the industry. I don’t expect Framework to be at that level, but I expect the support to be timely, courteous, and professional. I expect the product to work in a usable manner, and if not, I expect the company to fix it.

I was in the tech industry for thirty years, much of it in high-level support and consulting; I don’t appreciate being treated like an idiot nor an amateur. Until now, I’ve been an avid and vocal supporter of Framework. At this point, I’ve pretty much lost patience.

Kind regards,


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Nope. Just tried it on my XPS13 and one of my Thinkpads. Shook them harder. It’s not like I haven’t used a laptop every day for the past 30 years.

I’m typing this on my lap and even with the wobbling going on, mine doesn’t fall. But I’m with @Richard_Tango-Lowy. Seriously just send the man a couple hinges and avoid 100 people reading this thread in the future. I even have a Framework but it makes me worry about any issues I may have in the future that need support, let alone if I stumbled on this thread while considering a purchase. Things like this take the luster off - especially hearing they don’t even have a ticket system - that’s kinda scary :skull:

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Maybe they do, but I haven’t seen sign of it. In any case, we want Framework to success, so let’s just see if we can nudge them along in the right direction.

Btw, after several weeks and many emails, I received the following a few minutes ago:

We’ve escalated your ticket for return and/or replacement processing and one of our staff will be back with you soon with a prepaid return label and additional instructions.

Oh, well at least they do have a ticket system

Then it might be a reasonable idea to provide the customer with a ticket number, to provide some sense of continuity.

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