Arch Linux on the Framework Laptop

The most important is to get the amd-ucode package and linux-firmware (if you didn’t already have it, it would be unexpected if you don’t). When it comes to software tools, just uninstall tools you no longer need and adapt configurations.

It can be a lot simpler to just reinstall the OS but you can carry over your existing installation simply by installing the microcode. It’s just a little bit of a chore to adapt configurations if you need to do so.

It’s less of a pain to fresh install than undo various configurations done over time.
On my 12th Gen board, I have kernel parameters that help save battery in sleep, disable hid sensor for brightness keys to work, config for wifi card, disabling watchdog, fixed pci quirkiness powertop complaints about, etc

Some of these issues will likely won’t exist in the new amd board or even 13th gen board.

A few other quirks I’ve noticed going from Intel → AMD – it seems like the AMD sound card can’t handle PIPEWIRE_LATENCY=64/48000 (I use this because I use my laptop as a guitar amp) compared to the intel one.

I had to remove that from my ~/.config/environment.d to get audio to stop crackling (unless I use an external DAC)

Whoah yeah, the amdgpu errors are gone after the bios update and wayland doesn’t crash upon the first start anymore. Thanks framework team <3

Edit: Oh, no i the flickering again:
amdgpu 0000:c1:00.0: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x0005 address=0xfff5b000000 flags=0x0000]

Got this while i took a screenshot via slrup and grim, but i didn’t set the kernel parameter mentioned here for now → [RESPONDED] AMD Ryzen 7040 (7840U) - Arch Linux amdgpu errors, blank screen on opening Steam
Just as an Info :slight_smile:

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Is anyone else having a kernel panic upon boot if no external monitor is connected, but was connected at shutdown?


  • boot normally
  • connect and enable an external display (HDMI extension card)
  • shutdown
  • disconnect the external display
  • boot

This results in a kernel panic for me. Subsequent boots work fine.

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