ArchLinux no suspend, no hibernate, display always on

I have some issues with my Linux, i never seen it to go to suspend mode, and i see kernel dmesg messages whenever i do suspend or lock, it is doing logout and kill all windows.

Also display is always bright, whenever i close the lid, and open it slowly i see light, it looks that display is always on with login screen, its why battery drain so fast whenever i lock it or suspend.

Can someone please suggest what i can do?

I followed all discussions but nothing helps.

Kernel Options: 
iommu=soft nvme_load=YES acpi_osi="Windows 2020" quiet splash mem_sleep_default=deep
Kernel Modules:
options i915 enable_psr=0
       │ File: /sys/power/mem_sleep
   1   │ s2idle [deep]
       │ File: /etc/systemd/sleep.conf
  15   │ [Sleep]
  16   │ AllowSuspend=yes
  17   │ AllowHibernation=yes
  18   │ AllowSuspendThenHibernate=yes
  19   │ AllowHybridSleep=yes
  20   │ SuspendMode=suspend
  21   │ SuspendState=disk
  22   │ HibernateMode=suspend
  23   │ HibernateState=disk
  24   │ #HybridSleepMode=suspend platform shutdown
  25   │ #HybridSleepState=disk
  26   │ #HibernateDelaySec=180min
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