Authentication Implant and NFC reader

Hi everybody,

I have recently had an Apex Flex crypto implant from Dangerous things installed in my hand

I want to replace all my authentication passwords and tokens with secured keys held inside this chip inside me!

This is all working very well at the moment. I have git commits and SSH authentication setup, also OTP, HMAC/SHA. Currently I need to plug an external NFC reader into my laptop to achieve this.

I have a couple of videos that might interest you here

[Can’t post multiple links as a new user so will do that later]

I also want to use this to decrypt an encrypted drive on a laptop and login.

So I’m wondering if there’s any interest in making an NFC expansion card?




Video links

Can you post an example reader for specifications and whatnot?

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Sure thing. I think there are probably quite a lot that would do but this is the one I am currently using

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I’ve been looking into this off and on (also an Apex user). I think the ideal reader would be the oem version of this. Pretty sure we’d need a different housing for the keyboard–one that isn’t made of metal. :pensive:


There currently are some interesting form factors on the market:
NFC reader img
NXP small USB chipset

Have y’all looked at the new input module specs for the FW16? I think there should be enough space to fit something like that NXP dongle @ByteBitten linked

Working on an NFC reader for the FW16


Don’t you only need NFC reader on the laptop for FIDO2/WebAuthn? With TOTP you can just use your phone to scan it and get the code.