Automating personal device management

I wanted to get Void Linux on my framework laptop. I wanted to do it while handling problems, meaning I might need to re-install a whole lot of times.

So I wrote a script to get Void Linux on my framework laptop with support for hibernation (can’t awaken into it yet, but that’s for another day) with root on ZFS, including /boot.

That script is here.

When I accidentally wiped my NVME drive while experimenting earlier, I didn’t worry, just booted into my hrmpf ISO (which is old enough that the main TTY is unusable due to the wireless card being too new for the kernel) and re-ran my script. Void installed, rebooted without human interaction, and is now sitting at my login console.

Now I just need to write salt states to describe the installed system, all packages and all config, and this laptop’s software will also be completely replaceable!

Edit: Now with support for hibernation out of the box! I’m really enjoying this.