Battery Charge Options

I would also love to see this configurable in the BIOS and in Windows/Linux. If I’m plugged in a lot, keep it capped at 50%, if I’m on the go bump it to 80/85%.

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I agree that being able to configure a charge cap from windows/linux would be great, I would be perfectly happy even if it was only configurable in the bios. I don’t want to change the charge cap all that regularly, maybe 2-4 times a year, so it wouldn’t be terribly inconvenient to enter the bios.


I recently received my Framework notebook and love the build quality. No threshold charging would normally be a deal breaker for me, but not for the Framework because it seems like it will eventually happen. That would be much appreciated!
In the meantime, I am running a Python script along with a TP Link smart plug to maintain a charge threshold.

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Is there an ETA when this feature will be implemented?


I am a little out of the loop on the jargon, what is EC in this context?


Embedded Controller, it controls battery, display, a bunch of things really


Any word on threshold charging? I’d be perfectly happy with any form of it. Just having access in the BIOS is better than nothing!
Please implement this feature. Even the “throw away” notebooks have it.


I second this. I’m very happy with my laptop, but this is my number one request.


Here’s another vote for this feature. The vast majority of laptops on sale today support limiting the battery charge – Framework should too. I’ve limited the battery charge to 80% on every laptop I’ve owned for the past several years – it does wonders to prolong the battery life.


As conscious as Framework is about sustainability, it is very curious that threshold charging was not in the plan from the beginning. It would be interesting to know what the reasoning was.

Even though no threshold charging would be a deal breaker while shopping for a new notebook, I bought in because I understood the hardware to have the capability and believed the engineers at Framework would add the feature.

Many of us use the computer on a desk with another monitor, mouse etc. and would like to have the charge level controlled in the background.

Could someone in the know please give us an update on the status?

I think we always have to remember that the BIOS was not a Framework written thing, but one being used until they got the chance to do their own.

This was mentioned in the very early days…

I suspect they have a list of things that are planned, but need engineers to hire on.

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OK, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. That’s quite a lengthy list of job openings.

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What’s the news on getting this implemented? This is something that i really need.


I think the best solution it will be if this option [ baterry charge options LIMIT ].

Implement in BIOS/UEFI like in my old Dell Inspiron, Because when users change Distributiion of Linux or other OS they should remember install software to check or change settings.

My opinion the best solution is Dell laptop in BIOS settings like in this

We all wating for this setting in BIOS to charge limit battery in % .

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It looks like the BIOS battery-charge-limit is almost here!


Thank you, Framework… You delivered ! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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we don’t need these battery threshold setting if there is a removable battery option.

If the battery is removed to protect it, you would still have to store it at 60-75% charge anyway. It’s more convenient to have the computer get it to the storage level for you in place.

yes and I know battery threshold setting is new method to prevent swollen battery for planned obsolescence strategy by many laptop manufacturers. But, old fashioned removable battery is the best and easy way for mitigate this because it is simple, easy, even somebody with low IT skills can do that and we don’t need to tamper with software unnecessarily.

But can’t you already remove/replace the battery in the framework laptop?