[Beta] DisplayPort Expansion Card firmware update to reduce system power consumption

Love that a solution is coming in the form of a firmware / software. …but man, it’s been a known issue for two years? Wish I had known / been informed about this sooner.

I’m on the HDMI side of things…looking forward to the firmware update.


That sounds great. Will you provide a Linux executable soon?

@nrp same here, no Windows available. Is LVFS a possibility with the DP and HDMI modules?

I assume this update can be done from any Windows system that has the expansion card plugged in…and not only be done on the Framework laptop.

Correct. Technically you can also use the Windows 10 or 11 USB installer, exit to a command prompt by hitting Shift+F10 (Fn+Shift+Airplane Mode), and then run the firmware updater from there, though that may not be appropriate for Windows licensing terms unless you own a Windows key somewhere.


It should be technically possible, since there is support for updating CCG3 (the PD controller in the card). This is something we are investigating.


What will the procedure for downgrading entail if ~for some reason~ compatibility were better on the old firmware? Would the expansion card require being connected to a monitor in order for the firmware down-grader to function. Looking forward to doing all sorts of benchmarking when Batch 3 ships out!

Great to hear, thanks!


While it predates the Framework laptop, I don’t suppose Hiren’s BootCD PE is able to run and install the firmware updater for people running Linux? (one can similarly boot the ISO using a standard old Ventoy USB drive).

Heck, I’ve got to wonder if the firmware can’t be installed from a non-Framework PC as long as the PC has a type-C port.

I would totally test both of these things out myself but, well, I don’t actually have a DisplayPort expansion card…


The original firmware is also uploaded to the Google Drive. You can downgrade without plugging in a monitor.


Wish I had known that unplugging the HDMI expansion card would decrease power consumption so much. I am seeing increases measured in hours. Running Ubuntu 22.04.

Any specific guidance for installing the beta firmware in linux?

Some of us here have bought 4 USB-C expansion cards for this reason…and continue to use the other expansion cards as dongles.


I’m glad that there’s ongoing effort to solve this resulting in a creative solution that works also on first-gen mainboards. Such a refreshing post to read and community to be a part of!

Any possible pathways to fix the slightly lower power drain with USB-A Expansion Cards?

Will test out the HDMI firmware when it comes out, and here’s to hoping this works out in the end!


I’m also hoping / waiting for that.

Yes, we actually have a fix currently in development for this, though don’t have a timeline yet for community beta testing of it.


:open_mouth: Awesome to hear, thanks for the update!


Will it be fixed in a similar style? i.e. via firmware update on the card itself, and not related to the Framework laptop?

@nrp will the source code be open source?

It’s been a week…did anyone managed to get around to testing out the beta firmware on the DP card?

i think more would test it in the lvfs-testing remote.