[Beta] DisplayPort Expansion Card firmware update to reduce system power consumption

The original firmware is also uploaded to the Google Drive. You can downgrade without plugging in a monitor.


Wish I had known that unplugging the HDMI expansion card would decrease power consumption so much. I am seeing increases measured in hours. Running Ubuntu 22.04.

Any specific guidance for installing the beta firmware in linux?

Some of us here have bought 4 USB-C expansion cards for this reason…and continue to use the other expansion cards as dongles.


I’m glad that there’s ongoing effort to solve this resulting in a creative solution that works also on first-gen mainboards. Such a refreshing post to read and community to be a part of!

Any possible pathways to fix the slightly lower power drain with USB-A Expansion Cards?

Will test out the HDMI firmware when it comes out, and here’s to hoping this works out in the end!


I’m also hoping / waiting for that.

Yes, we actually have a fix currently in development for this, though don’t have a timeline yet for community beta testing of it.


:open_mouth: Awesome to hear, thanks for the update!


Will it be fixed in a similar style? i.e. via firmware update on the card itself, and not related to the Framework laptop?

@nrp will the source code be open source?

It’s been a week…did anyone managed to get around to testing out the beta firmware on the DP card?

i think more would test it in the lvfs-testing remote.

I just tried this, and it told me the executable file included was not compatible with the version of Windows I’m running, which is just standard 64bit Win11.

Is the source available on github under any open license? (Or even just ‘Source-Available’ with ©️ All Rights Reserved)

Thanks for this update, just a heads up to anyone wondering it doesn’t fix any issues with displayport adapter disconnecting when cable plugged in or any other similar issues with the DP adapter not working. @nrp has Framework confirmed the intermittent DP issues is a known issue?

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Could you reach out to our Support team?


Unfortunately, this is one we don’t have visibility on ourselves. The world of PC peripheral ICs is filled with opaque firmware.


Ah, sorry, I should have tested this path before suggesting it. An LVFS update path is still on development roadmap.


As I alluded to previously, I don’t suppose it could work when ran from Hiren’s BootCD PE which is basically just Win10 PE with extra bundled software utilities (e.g. 7zip, Macrium Reflect Free, etc)?

Do note that you may or may not need to copy the EXE onto the desktop first in order to run it.

(protip; the ISO is also compatible with Ventoy)

I looked at that, it appears to be 64bit as well. The issue is seems to be that WinPE for 64bit can’t run 32bit software. Which the bundled updater appears to be.

Should be noted that this will be a non-issue for a properly installed version of Windows or for a Windows-To-Go instance.

You sure about that? I’m able to run software that is definitely 32bit in Hiren’s BootCD PE; I quickly confirmed this with the simple stand-alone EXE program “Header Investigator” which itself predates 64bit Windows:

Heck, according to the task manager, even the included copy of GPU-Z is 32bit (in fact it doesn’t seem like a 64bit of GPU-Z even exists on the internet).