Better battery life on i5 11th or 12th gen?

Which i5 generation has got the better battery life, 11th or 12th gen? And is there a big difference? Can maybe even anyone comment who upgraded his framework on the new Mainboard?

Thanks in advance, as this is one important factor for me currently in deciding which one to go for.

my understanding is the 11th, because the 12th gen has a higher tdp but the battery is the same size.

11th gen is the clear winner. Fewer cores to draw power. The e-cores aren’t so efficient as to negate the power draw in comparison to 11th gen. Battery life in general has been pretty poor for me and all I do is browse the web most of the time. It is not an all day champ. Having said that, I like the product and continue to use it.


People are kinda ignoring the fact that 12th gen has far higher performance per watt though!
So in theory, you could limit power draw using throttlestop, get the same performance with better battery life.
Buying last-gen hardware is in my opinion something you’ll regret down the road!


Easy question to answer, the 11th gen provides much better battery life in all tests I’ve read up on. 10-20% generally. Although the multi-core performance is through the roof in comparison. If the 12th gen was a U version instead of a P version then there would be hope,… and yet the U version is still more powerful.

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Keep in mind that framework is porting over bios improvements from the chromebook edition to 12th gen. I expect that’ll give a noticeable improvement in battery life.

Unclear if we’ll get the same improvements for 11th gen, but they’ll certainly be more limited and come later.


Thanks for the replies so far!
As both options weren’t satisfying for me so far I kept waiting and as of Frameworks announcement today that they will release an Intel 13th Gen and an AMD version, I am pleased that they will both get the the bigger battery with 61Wh. They claim a 20-30 % improvement over the 12th Gen Intel version, but obviously there is no AMD benchmark just yet.

So my question now is, what do you guys assume, which version will have the better battery life: 13th gen Intel or AMD?

Amd is well known to be more power efficient. Just make sure to get the model with the larger battery.

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