Bigger touchpad?

I’ve seen that in the 16 inch laptop you will be able to put the touchpad at the right or at the left. But I would really love to see a bigger touchpad. I don’t know if this could be made but it would be really cool…

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I’ve seen asks for a smaller touch pad but never a bigger one.

Framework won’t do that :slight_smile: so you would have to find a third party to do it. Anything is possible.

The thing about trackpads is that they’re really, really annoying to engineer correctly. That being said, the only presently existing trackpad I’ve seen that’s bigger than Framework’s current offering is a MacBook, and given the input modules’s USB connectivity I’m pretty confident someone will find a way to rig up an MBP trackpad to the 16” at some point.

Framework has never said that they WONT make a larger trackpad, but they also haven’t stated that they will. the good news for the 16" laptop is that all the keyboard modules are based on the RP2040 processor, and use qmk firmware, so there is a good chance that a community-made trackpad module could be made that is bigger than the standard module.

As for the Framework 13, the trackpad is integrated into the keyboard cover, which means it will be a lot harder to fit a larger trackpad into that device.


There’s pretty zero chance for that. Trackpads require very delicate electronics with very sensitive capacitive sensors, fragile materials and lots of manufacturing experience.

You could maybe repurpose an existing trackpad like the Apple one into the Framework but even that will require precision machining and figuring out the electronics and won’t make much sense financially.


If someone by chance does end up developing novel trackpad tech that’s both hackable for framework and economically viable, I have an unreasonable ask of a surface that takes up the entire input module bay. 3:2 old school drawing tablet!

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