BIOS Upgrade for Linux Users

It’s a “DOS-like” command line application.

But you can’t run a Windows GUI application from the Windows installer command line. I’ve tried (WD Dashboard, to flash firmware in WD SSDs).

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Thanks, that is what I thought. So I have to find a way to get a Windows GUI running off a USB drive somehow which is a PITA it seems. The other option is to boot from Thunderbolt-NVMe enclosure but the external cases are ridiculously expensive, sadly.

You can install Windows (not Windows To Go) on a large enough USB drive and still use the USB drive for other things using Ventoy:

Just watch out for the shenanigans it will pull on your Linux install, but it won’t destroy it and it only needs to be fixed once.

I installed it from a valid Windows 10 Educational VM and it seems to be fully activated. It’s full-fledged Windows and can run any GUI normal windows can.

/me watching intently at this. About to buy W10 pro retail, but don’t want a stain in my framework peeing on it forever. Since w10 will time out and likely get lousier till its EOL, my “free w10” installs in a couple boxes could be used beyond 2025 with a wtg type thing.

Progress for those of us without Windows