Bitlocker Recovery After Using Live USB Drive

I am testing a number of different Linux distros by creating a live usb drive through “balenaEtcher” and then booting to that device through F12 menu.

After I did this with Ubuntu the next time that I launched into Windows to create a different usb drive I was greeted with a Bitlocker recovery screen. Where I needed to log into my Microsoft account and enter in a long string of numbers.

Are there steps I should take when creating the live usb or booting to the usb to prevent this or are there any BIOS settings that I could change to prevent this behavior?
As I want to test 8 different distros and don’t want to deal with this every time.

Additionally, once I settle on the distro that I want to use I plan to install it to my 256GB expansion card. If you foresee any issues with this that I might run into let me know. This is my first time trying out Ubuntu on my personal machine so explain it to me as I am a child.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the heads up as I didn’t create a Microsoft account, so may run into an even greater problem ~ was about to try Ubuntu too :slight_smile: