Bluetooth Device Error

I just got the Feb. 2022 batch of the Framework laptop along with the Intel AX210 (non-vPro) WiFi module. I initially installed Windows 11 on it with the Alpha drivers. I noticed there was a post that said you can download the latest Intel drivers for Windows 11 by using the Intel updater tool. It pulled some updates from Intel for the Iris Xe GPU, the AX210 WiFi NIC, and the Bluetooth module. I noticed not long after that the Bluetooth icon in the system tray disappeared, and that in Device Manager there was a faulty USB device that was labeled with “Device Descriptor Failed”. I’m not sure what caused it, but it seems to persist across reboots, full shutdowns, or even a reinstall to Windows 10. The only way I got it to work again was to go into BIOS and perform a Battery Disconnect and remove power from the device. It seems to be fine for now, but does this happen often with the AX210?

A few different people (including myself) hit this in the BIOS 3.07 + Windows 10 and (11 Alpha) driver bundle thread. No reports of it occurring again luckily.