Blurring after clicking

I’m seeing blurring when I click. If I click on an email in Outlook or a cell in Excel, there is some blurring that quickly goes away. It also can be seen after moving a window. Move a window, do a mouseover, blurring can be seen. It quickly comes back into focus. Has anybody else seen this?

At first, I thought you meant ghosting, but this sounds more like a UI element than anything else.

What OS are you using?

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Windows 11. If it was a physical object, I’d describe it as shaking after being moved and coming into sharp focus after the shaking dissipates. I’d like to provide a better explanation, but I can’t reproduce the behavior at the moment. That would be great if I can never reproduce it.

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The same thing could be said about the Framework laptop, which I do not mean as criticism.