Boost Power Limited to 30 W, not the advertised 60 W

The Framework Laptop is advertised with two Power Limits for the CPU. A power limit 1, aka TDP, of 28 W, and power limit 2 (short term boost) of 60 W.
In BIOS I have configured max turbo mode, battery charge limit to 70 %. I tried two different third party 65 W power supplies: my CPU, i5-1135G7, reaches PL1 but not PL2.
From my measurements with ThrottleStop/HWinfo64 and also a wall powermeter max power draw of the CPU (PL2) is 30 W.

That matches with HWinfo64 which reports a PL1 of 28 W and a PL2 of 30 W:
This results also in a performance loss, measured in lower GeekBench 5 scores: 1270 (SC) and 4200 (MC) compared to other i5 Framework Laptop entries like 1400 and 4800.

Has anybody the same issue? Could the charge limiter prevent the 60 W power limit?
What could be another limiting factor?

Also seeing what you’re describing.

I’ve given up on the Framework laptop for the time being…it’s one of the most buggy laptops you can buy. It isn’t a dependable piece of equipment at it stands today, especially when you compare it to other more mature manufacturers (sure, they have issues too, but not to the extent that the Framework laptop is).

Looks like you’re on Windows. Check that the Windows performance slider is set to “Best performance”. Boost is limited to <30W on “Better performance” or lower settings. On “Best performance” HWiNFO shows PL2 at 60W on my machine.

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Guys…it’s their first laptop. Anyone here think they could do a better job first time around? :rofl: :wink:

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We know. I’m just saying that anyone should know what they’re getting into when purchasing anything (laptop or otherwise…or marriage, or career…).

It’s not a competition.

Just know that for the same amount of money…you could potentially have a smoother experience elsewhere. i.e. know your options.

I’ve done my part for the cause (buying from Framework)…but the hardware and experience is not living up to the expectation. So that’s that. I’ve moved my work to other systems, while still waiting for Framework to get the laptop into shape.

(i.e. the ‘benefit’ for the upgradability and repairability won’t materialise until it’s a piece of hardware that people would stick with.)

From reading through loads and loads of posts the past 5 months or so, it seems to me 80%+ of those having issues are using Linux… :thinking:

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Think that might have something to do with the userbase sample pool.

(Consder who would purchase a Framework laptop, AND who would join the forum, AND ask for help…etc… Any data point has a reason / intrinsic bias as to why it’s a data point)


Intel CPUs use multiple sets of turbo power limits. The CPU compares the MSR and MMIO power limits and uses the lowest value.

You need to check the MMIO Lock box in the ThrottleStop TPL window to disable the 30W MMIO PL2 limit.

Use ThrottleStop 9.4.6

Switching from better performance to best performance did indeed solve the issue. Under best performance PL2 is now 60 W.

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