Booting to blank screen with egpu

I recently bought a Sonnet breakaway box to use with my framework laptop, but when I boot with it connected, it sits on a blank screen until I power off the machine. This happens AFTER the OS splash screen.
What can I do to fix this behavior?

(I am using Linux mint edge, kernel 5.15.0)

First most obvious thing, did you install the kernel module (drivers) that corresponds to your egpu? For example, nvidia-dkms is what I chose for drivers for my Nvidia 1050Ti.

FYI, I did test this with a spare Sonnet 550 I have, so it’s probably not a hardware issue between the F.w or the Sonnet.

@D.H I don’t specifically have dkms drivers installed but I do have the proprietary Nvidia 510 drivers through the “driver manager” utility (RTX 3070), which conveniently installed PRIME along with it. When using “intel” or “nvidia on demand” modes it works fine, but neither mode allows me to use displays connected to the graphics card directly. For that, I need to use “nvidia performance” mode, but when I reboot in order to apply this mode the screen stays black after the splash screen until I unplug the egpu and reboot to get it to reset to the “intel” mode.