BSOD Windows 11 Always happening

Hi I have just had to reinstall windows 11 now for the 11th time. I have the framework 12th gen 12700p motherboard with 16gb ram and 2tb SSD. I am already on 2nd motherboard due to a CMOS issues on my last board. I have tested my components in different machines. I am always getting BSOD in Windows 11 and sometime I am doing nothing. It was fine using windows 10 and Linux but I want longer support with software updates and better compatibility. Anyone know a fix on how to stop this happening as this is a major inconvenience.

What’s the error message? You can find it next to the QR Code

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION is what I receive and just followed the Get Help guide no luck there.

Have you tried contacting support? If not, please do