Bulk order of ethernet adapters to the UK - anyone interested?

I want to get the ethernet adaptor.

The price is fine, but shipping is crazy.

However, shipping doesn’t seem to change much if I buy more adapters.

This obviously raises the idea of a bulk purchase.

So, no concrete plans yet, just a thread to sound people out - if you’d have some interest in this, make a reply.

Thankyou very, very much!

I bought my ethernet from them a month or two ago.

Going to see now if I can get a HDMI.

Tried to see if a USB C to HDMI cable will do? Worked for me. Big saving.

I’ve had a slightly less positive experience, ordering.

I placed an order for a HDMI adapter on Monday.

I paid for 1-2 day delivery, as I needed it for Thursday.

It’s Wed afternoon and it’s not yet been posted.

  1. The order confirmation email has a “no-reply” email address.
  2. There’s no email address on the site.
  3. There is a “contact us” form, which does not work; clicking submit, nothing happens.

All of the above are quite common.

There is a phone number in the confirmation email.

I called this and went to answerphone. I left a message and was promptly called back.

It appears the site I ordered from (https://frame-parts.square.site/) should have been shut down, but lingers on. The order placed there was not entered into their normal ordering system, and so had not been dispatched. I’m not sure if it would have been or not, but it certainly hasdn’t been.

It’s Wed afternoon now, so no chance of delivery for tomorrow.

The chap I spoke to was diligent and dialled-in, and I’m very grateful to these guys for getting parts into the UK so they can be ordered at a reasonable shipping price. Bit of a blunder in this particular case.

I will order again, but I’ll need to find out the correct site to order from.

@Xenophon I’ve deleted my previous post as it contained a link to the old site. Sorry about that, I didn’t realise they had moved.

On the main page they link to this site: https://frame-parts.myshopify.com/

Why they haven’t just set up a URL redirect I can’t imagine.

On the plus side looks like they’ve got more stock, including hinges and the new battery.