CAD drawings/3d models of the laptop itself?

Are any cad drawings or 3d models of the framework laptop itself available to the public?

Granted my use case isn’t the most critical (desktop pic that matches my current one with an exploded wire frame of my ThinkPad) but they would also be useful for 3d printed docks or vinyl skin laser cutting or many other applications.


From an identical thread.


@Frosty Any updates on posting CAD files? I would like to design my own chassis/shell for the laptop and a full cad model would be greatly appreciated to ease this process!


Would really love an update on this too!

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I’d like to print a standup dock and having the God’s honest truth on the dimensions would be great.

Hi @Michael_Zeagler, about to undertake this myself. my 3d modelling skills aren’t great, so hoping you eventually got your hands on a design?
I’m wanting a stand-up dock with a built-in USB C port (ordered some L shaped USB C adaptors). So the geometry needs to be fairly accurate if I’m to be successful.


Hi @George_Karanikos. No, no responses from the company. I eventually went with a nice dock that stands the computer up and is completely laptop agnostic.

This works pretty well, although there are still plenty of things I’d like to do with the solid model or some working drawings.

If you want to reverse engineer the dimensions best of luck to you.

Thanks Michael, that’s a good looking stand!
Somebody with amazing skill already did the work. not sure if this link works, but if you search for framework 13 in OnShape, you’ll find it pretty quickly.


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