Calling all Steam Deck users

  1. 256 GB
  2. Nope; I store games on my MicroSD card and the games I play tend to be lower in size anyways.
  3. I have a 1 TB card and it’s been pretty seamless. Loading times have been negligible. (Again, I’ve only been playing indie games + some emulated games.)
  4. No, using/swapping microSD cards seems more convenient if I need the space.

Is this just to get an idea before you order your own steam deck? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be interesting to have the innards of the Steam Deck in a Framework though :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. 64GB
  2. Yes, as I occasionally need to move shader caches and the stuff off the internal to the SD card with a symlink
  3. Yes, I have 3 SD cards at the moment. Swapping them out isn’t a hassle, though with btrfs (for compression) I have to refresh the modified mount script every system update. Sometimes needs a reboot to scan games properly, dunno if related to non-standard fs.
  4. No, although my friend has, and it went smoothly.

I ordered my Steam Deck and Framework right around the same time, and now have both! I’m really happy with my 2022 tech!

  1. 64GB
  2. I’m generally focused with the games I play, so the internal plus SD card has been enough. I may look at upgrading the internal in a year or so.
  3. I have a single 400GB SD card. I haven’t starting running emulators yet, but probably will use a second one to store all that.
  4. Will eventually swap probably after some time and price drops, but not necessary now.
  1. 256 GB
  2. No, tend to put larger/heavier games on desktop (where no amount of storage seems like enough!)
  3. No, but I’m considering picking one up. I’ve heard that a good SD card is plenty Good Enough for games.
  4. No and probably won’t given 3. Doesn’t mean I won’t crack it open though.

Wild guess, considering whether to support M.2 form-factor eMMC cards like the 64 GB Steam Deck has and which are used in Chromebooks?

We’ve seen feedback that it is extremely difficult to find 1TB and 2TB M.2 2230 SSDs. We actually have a really easy path to get them in volume. We want to gauge whether there is interest from Steam Deck customers around that (since they aren’t the right size for Framework Laptop customers).


Oh, that’s awesome. Double checking, are they single-sided drives? It’s not just the 2230 size that’s hard, it’s also that they ideally only have components on the top and not the bottom.

  1. 512GB
  2. Nope. More space would just mean not having to delete my least-recently-played game(s) when downloading a new one but in any given month I’ll only be interested in 1-3 games so rotating which games are installed isn’t a problem.
  3. Not yet, but I am planning on putting all my emulator games on a MicroSD card while leaving the SSD for PC games.
  4. Nope. Not ruling out doing it in the future (perhaps to put emulator games on the SSD) but so far space hasn’t really been a problem.



Not yet

I would like to, but replace 2230 NVMEs are hard to get in high strorage capacities.

What capacity did you order? 512GB
Are you finding that you need more space? Yes
Have you used a MicroSD card to expand storage, and if so, how has that experience been?Yes, good
Have you swapped out a larger M.2 2230 SSD, and how was that experience? Yes swapped for pma1 1tb and cut it to size. Wanted 2tb
  1. 512 GB
  2. Not yet, but soon, yes.
  3. No, but am concerned about potential speed issues (especially when using cheaper MicroSDs)
  4. No
  1. 512GB Steam Deck
  2. I assumed I would from the beginning. If they’d offered a larger Steam Deck to start with, I probably would have tried for it!
  3. I am using 1TB SanDisk Ultra UHS-I MicroSD as my secondary. I almost wish I’d gone for the top-of-line (Extreme?), but it was noticeably more expensive, so this is really just me being jaded about load times! It’s all still significantly faster than any spinning platters would be (@Crystalyne I wouldn’t go any slower than the SanDisk Ultra, certainly).
  4. I haven’t, and I don’t think I will, honestly. I’m more likely to just juggle what games are currently installed based on what I’m actually playing at a given moment. I do get excitable as to choice, though, which is why I wanted the elbow room of the microSD card. Cyberpunk 2077 alone takes up a healthy chunk of storage, after all…
  1. 256GB. Faster storage then the eMMC in the base model, but bot as expensive as the 512GB model, so a nice in between.

  2. Of course.

  3. I did. 400GB, was on sale at the time. Pretty much flawless, any differences in speed or whatever, I don’t notice.

  4. Nooo. I’m tempted to upgrade the joysticks to hall effect, but for now, I don’t want to mess around with the internals.

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  1. 64 GB.

2 & 3. I haven’t yet been able to use the Deck due to external factors (namely ordering it to my residence in the States while overseas) but on 4, yes I am considering upgrading the memory just 'cause 64 GB can be filled with a particularly aggressive sneeze.

  1. 512GB
  2. No
  3. Yes, 1TB, but haven’t needed to use it yet.
  4. No, no plans.
  1. What capacity did you order?
    64GB, knowing that i could upgrade anytime for cheaper

  2. Are you finding that you need more space?
    No, I use a 512GB SD-Card and always only have the game installed that i am playing

  3. Have you used a MicroSD card to expand storage, and if so, how has that experience been?
    Experience is very good, compared to a friends internal drive there is not that much difference in regards to practical speed

  4. Have you swapped out a larger M.2 2230 SSD, and how was that experience?
    Changed one on a friends deck with the ifixit-kit & Youtube Guide, was very easy.

have a really easy path to get them in volume

Take my money!


1)i got the 64gb
3)Yes two 256gb
4)No because i can’t find one with good speed, storage, and for a good price

  1. 512gb
  2. Not yet
  3. Strictly used for a windows 10 install that I never use lol
  4. Not yet. Would love a 1TB option someday.
  1. 512GB
  2. Yes I would like to install windows and steam os and have at least 512gb available for both
  3. Yes 2 512gb cards
  4. Not yet but I can do it.