Can 12th gen i7-1280P DIY laptop draw more than 60W?

I’ve been using my laptop for over a month now, I bought the original Framework charger with it,
I’ve set the charging limit to 80% from BIOS.

When playing Hearts of Iron 4, after I’m done with a session (5 hours in, always plugged in), I see that the battery is down to about 30% coming from 80% constant charge.

Does that mean the laptop is drawing more than 60W (what the charger can provide)? Is my power adapter faulty? How can I check? I’ve also seen some scattered posts mentioning the fact that if you use a more powerful charger (100W), the battery will still charge at a max 60W but the laptop will draw more if needed by the workload.


The CPU alone can draw / boost up to 64W in [really] ideal condition. Then there’s the power draw of the SSD, memory, display panel, wifi card, any USB peripherials…etc. So, yes, the ‘system’ as a whole can draw more than 60W.

100W PD is the better bet to cover all the bases.

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The 60W bundled power adapter is the “It will do” option. Whereas a “100W” after market power adapter is the “We can do better” option.