Canada Day discount? Would Framework consider joining Rakuten or similar in the future?

Today, a number of online retailers are having 12% cashback for Canada Day:

Would Framework consider joining Rakuten in the future?

…and Independence Day is coming up just around the corner as well.

This has been discussed before, and the conclusion most people came to was that Framework is too small of a company to justify sales, they’d just end up hurting their profits which they need right now. Maybe in the future when they’re bigger.


Keyword being “future” here.

LoL…you think all the big brands are Mr. Nice Guy taking a hit on their profits? It’s only a ‘perception’ of sale / rebate / cashback. It’s built into their pricing model all year round. Sales and price drops are all strategically planned…just like the price tag on any product. It’s about playing the game of “Hey, we have a sale as well”…at specific dates / holidays of the year. To them, it’s a “Look at us as well” platform.

Investment into R&D, tooling…etc all the way to pricing, sales projection. That’s the game you play when you’ve reached some critical mass. It’s an arena to promote the brand.

Not doing / joining something like this for a startup is typically because of cash flow…you want people to keep buying at the early stages of the company, to keep the money going. You don’t want people to wait until sales season before they would buy your product.

i.e. This is a digital promotional billboard platform.

Apple is still only giving ‘up to’ 2% cash back on a day like this…it doesn’t need the promotion. It’s reached the “don’t give a fxxx” maturity in this arena.

I’d rather they focus on just lowering BOM so they can implement price cuts across the board if they want, waiting for traditional sale periods is annoying and like you said, only serves as a psychological trick to entice buyers

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I haven’t seen that…maybe I’ve seen but didn’t know.

I do, however, know companies will try to lower BOM…so that the profit margin can be maximised.

This is honestly what I expect them to do since they are a new company that needs every dollar they have. But if we are doing hypotheticals here, I think that as Framework is a new player, if they want market share from HP and Dell, they need to offer something unique besides repairability. Hopefully we can expect better pricing as time goes on, nothing extreme but better would be nice. $1100 for a barebones laptop is pretty steep no matter how you slice it.

You’re absolutely spot on. …and I have so much to say about this…but I’ll hold my breath until I see some 12th Gen Framework Laptop reviews.

My current Framework laptop is what I consider as a casual coffee shop machine. In the end, I had shop for another unit from Lenovo…just this weekend…didn’t waste the cash back opportunity, of course. i.e. Framework didn’t manage to pull me over from the Lenovo side of things.