Cannot Connect to Thunderbolt 2 Monitor

Hi All, I’m trying to set up my (awesome) new Framework laptop, but running into some issues with connecting to my Thunderbolt 2 monitor using this Apple adapter.

It works fine when I connect from my old HP. But with the Framework, I try to plug it in before even turning the laptop on, and I don’t see anything from power on to OS (Arch) load. No monitors or USB devices are detected. Plugging in after it’s booted I don’t see anything in DMESG. Happy to post some logs and outputs of lsusb among others - just let me know what would be most helpful to see :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

It might help if you could let us know the make and model of the display you’re trying to use?

Yep! It’s an Apple Thunderbolt 2 display. One of these bad boys: Apple Thunderbolt Display - Wikipedia

Bumping this thread in case anyone has any ideas… I’ve since bought a TB3 dock, gone through several TB3->TB2 dongles (some from Apple and from Startech), and otherwise learned more about the linux thunderbolt toolset (bolt, tbt, etc) than I ever thought I would.

The only thing I could find was this bug report which is why I got the Startech dongle (to no avail, even though it works when I use it to plug the monitor into a TB3-equipped PC).

All of this is leading me to think it’s a firmware issue… happy to post some logs/output just let me know what would be helpful (it doesn’t seem like it’s recognized anywhere in the system)

I guess there are reasons why we haven’t seen the TB4 certification given to the Framework laptop afterall.

In some early threads, think there was mention of cable length could affect device signals integrity.

That’s not actually a Thunderbolt 2 display, it’s TB 1, and getting it to work on a PC (especially with newer TB hardware (maybe more about cpu gen?)) is not trivial. On Windows, you need to get Apple’s boot camp drivers installed and to disable certain security features in the BIOS.

This apple thread has some more info:

I’m not aware of a Linux driver and I don’t see a way to disable anything useful for this in the FW BIOS.

I coincidentally have this display and had not bothered trying it with my FW until this post.

Update: tried it with my FW and got nothing, but it also won’t turn on for either of my Macs today so maybe my TB display is finally broken

I’m pretty sure what you’re talking about is just something that affects all Thunderbolt cables. They need a repeater if they want to get longer then 2 meters or so.

Referring to this: Not getting power+display from single cable when using my 2019 23.7-inch LG UltraFine 4K Display - #8 by Kieran_Levin