Change Function Key Binding

This maybe less a Framework specific question and more a windows thing. But, can you rebind the the function keys? Mainly the Framework Logo F12 key. I would like to bind that to a music player I actually use.

If you are using Linux, the pressing F12 is equivalent with sending the key symbol XF86AudioMedia. If you are using i3 or Sway window manager, the setting is like this in the config file. In this case, running firefox with opening a specific URL.

bindsym XF86AudioMedia exec firefox

If you want to change other Fn keys too, the following document could be useful.

Ah sorry you said “a windows thing”.

Yes, but you actually helped me none the less. All I had too do was to change my default music player in windows. I mean, not exactly a fix, more a work around, but I got what I wanted.

So, thank you!

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