Changing OS on a pre-built windows configuration

Hi framework community, I was wondering if it is possible to change OS when coming from a pre-built windows configuration? If so, how easy is it?

Guides that are available only seem to provide instructions for clean OS installations.

Apologies if this was posted before and have been already answered, I couldn’t seem to find it. Am interested in framework and currently considering to purchase one of its laptops.

Thank you in advance!

Identical to reinstalling an OS on any PC, so it’s easy.



It’s exactly like installing an OS on a DIY system. The hardware is the same, with one exception: the prebuilt configurations of the 11th gen 13" system came with an Intel AX201 wireless card, but the card offered for DIY builds was the AX210. (The main advantage of the AX210 is that it has WiFi 6E support, while the AX201 does not.) Both of those work well with current Linux distros.

If you want to set up dual boot rather than wiping out Windows, many Linux distributions make it easy to do that, including support for shrinking your Windows partition to make room for a Linux partition.

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