Closing Lid causes black screen unresponsive


Headline is basically issue I am experiencing. Whenever I close the lid, and after opening it up, the screen remains black and is unresponsive to any keystrokes. Keyboard and power button are lit.

I run Zorin OS 16, using 5.14.9 kernel.


Out of curiosity, what SSD are you using?

Is this a weird sleep/hibernation issue again?

The Western Digital Black 500gb

This has been an issue ever since I got the laptop, about 4 months ago. I am just now posting about it

Seconding this - I’m running Arch, LTS kernel (although it’s also present on 5.19) and KDE plasma.

What’s the contents of /sys/power/mem_sleep? Changing my system from deep to s2idle fixed the problem for me.