Consumers can finally speak up

Due to Framework we finally have a say what we, the consumers, really want!

No more “We glue everything together to make this laptop 1mm smaller but in turn you cannot replace any of the components” Apple thinking anymore.

No more “The laptop market is dying because the interest in it has faded” anymore.

No more “It’s not possible to make a long-lasting, repairable laptop that isn’t a clunky 2000s model”.

No more “It’s not a viable business to create repairable laptops” annoyance anymore.

Thank you FrameWork for allowing your users to finally speak up and shake the industry!

Sincerly, a happy customer.


IMO in light of the EU mandating that all consumer, medical, and vehicular electronic devices have user-serviceable batteries and USB-C ports I believe we should lobby the FCC to mandate that all laptops have at least one SODIMM RAM slot and upgradable storage!

Maybe not SODIMM speciffically, that standard is on it’s last leg but mandating replacable ram would be neat. Though soldered or hell even on soc memory like the m1 chips do have actual advantages so idk how I feel about it.

Personally I value replaceable memory highly but unlike batteries and usb-c ports it’s not really a wear item and there are actual benefits to it not being replaceable (I am talking performance and battery life advantages not making waterproof devices slightly easier) so that would actually negatively affect what could be done.

If camm memory actually works out and turns out to have no drawbacks, full steam ahead XD