Cooler Master case fit issue

I had the same problem. I whittled down the base of each screw post with an xacto-knife to whittle away the cone shape down to a straight cylinder with flat step at the base. Got my case a month or two ago.

I returned the three defective cases I received and got a refund. I appreciate that Framework’s customer support has been helpful through this, but still severely disappointed in the quality control.

I’m also disappointed that they’ve ignored my comments about the actual case being a completely different color and design from what’s advertised on the marketplace. The marketplace images are still of what I assume is a prototype that was never sold.


Hey Daniel, just to be clear, all 3 of the cooler master cases you have received were opaque white, right?


Yes, the cases I received were all opaque white with a dark tinted top cover. Just like the photos in this thread posted by myself and others.

The photos on the Marketplace all still show a black case with a fully transparent (not tinted) top cover. I tried bringing this up during my correspondence with customer support, but it was not acknowledged.

Edit: To clarify, the color was not a factor in my return decision. Honestly I think the actual design is nicer than the one on the marketplace. But the marketplace listings should be updated so that people know what they’re getting.


Thank you Daniel, the support team must have missed that one (and I personally missed it because my brain could not register that it’s transparent) just shared the feedback internally. Thank you for sharing feedback even after returning the product, we have shared feedback for the quality issues you have reported as well.


Same issue, cannot fit motherboard into a case, and i dont want to destroy anything.

Looks like common problem, Framework, any thoughts? is this batch problem?
I have no time for replacements now i need this device here and working so i guess i will have to do manual fixes :frowning:

Same issue with my recent purchase. As I had already stripped screws getting the case apart, I figured I would never be able to return or exchange it, so I just fixed it myself using a set of fine files/rasps and a little help from a dremel on the lowest speed setting.

The key was getting the underlying plastic under the posts to be the same thickness as the metal posts, so that the holes in the mainboard will be able to slide all the way down. I also had to trim all the plastic slop that crept above where the posts met the plastic. It doesn’t look great, but it’s not in a place you can see once the mainboard is installed, and I was able to get all four expansion slots to line up with the case slots.

Thank you for forwarding it to support. It looks like the images on the marketplace have been updated :slight_smile:

Yes, it has taken us some time but we finally updated them, thanks for letting us know :wink:

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