Corrupted BTRFS checkums: failing NVME?


I’ve been running Fedora 35 successfully for a few months now. But today, after doing lots of work with Docker containers, I started getting strange “read-only file system” errors.

I used btrfs to check the disk:

Apparently, some CRC checksums are invalid and btrfs check --repair cannot fix them.

I tried to run smartctl but the device does not report any available test. And it shows no errors.

I’m currently running btrfs check --init-extent-tree and it has been printing errors for 20+ minutes now. So presumably 10s of thousands of errors:

Anyone else got any experience with this?

Is the NVME drive faulty?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Is the NVME drive faulty?

I changed the SSD and installed Ubuntu 21.10. No issue since!

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Glad to hear that. What drive were you using when you were having issues, and what are you using now?