CPU Clocks intermittently dropping under load

I updated to the 3.07 BIOS/Drivers and decided to play a game of EU4.
Under load, I experienced some noticeable slowdowns and decided to log some data.


From what I can tell, the CPU is resetting the clock speed to ~400 MHz and ramping back up.
The more periodic part of the chart seems to experience this dropout every 16-17 minutes (~1000 seconds). I’m guessing the 3.07 BIOS runs some sort of watchdog and resets some part of the power circuitry every 1000 seconds under a certain condition.


I have the same issue, but when playing HOI4 instead. This happens on a regular basis, and is driving me insane.
What’s sad is this is a replacement - the previous one worked fine, until it didn’t work at all…
I’ve tried setting the TDP to 15W (“best power efficiency” in windows), but the issue still persists. Not sure of if the interval is greater though.
Also having touchpad clicking issues, as well as intermittent tracking issues, but I assume that these are due to windows or driver.