CPU maybe burns out, advices please

I used to use bugged Arch install on my new firmware laptop and for an half year it was not able to go to sleep or hibernate.

So every time I was forgetting it on, I was finding it overnight hot like a hell and fans was working on full power super noisy.

For now problem is fixed I’ve reinstalled OS and fixed all bugs

But Battery looks to degrade for 20% in half year,
And I think CPU may has degraded too.

Can please someone suggest if it is true and if it is recommended to change CPU?

Thank you in advance for any advice

CPUs don’t really degrade in that they get slower, the only thing that can potentially degrade is the thermal paste, causing it to overheat more, which causes it throttling down.


or a microcode CVE fix from intel.


I would get some good thermal paste (go with paste, not liquid metal unless you are willing and experienced to risk it), such as cooler master mastergel pro.
Watch a few videos on how it’s done.

To make sure that the paste is an improvement, use a benchmark such as passmark or geekbench, and run CPU-only. Log the maximum CPU temp, and how long it took to get there.

After you get the idea, power off the laptop, disconnect the battery, unscrew Screws 1-3 on the CPU and the two on the fan. Unplug the fan.
Then gently pry the heatsink off, use a isopropyl alcohol wipe to clean off the thermal paste (both the CPU and the heatsink) , and apply a small drop of paste. Use a credit-card or plastic spreader to spread the paste as thin as possible, but so you don’t see the CPU.

Put the cooler back on, and wiggle back and forth for a good spread, with some pressure. Tighten the screws in the order that’s labeled, put the screws in the fan, make sure to PLUG IT IN. (It actually won’t melt without the fan, but it gets hot fast.) Connect the battery, press the power-on switch on the motherboard. If you have output, connect the keyboard, run another benchmark and log the temps. If you are happy with it, keep as is. Otherwise, repeat.


Thank you very much for your detailed suggestion. Before posting this thread I’ve already ordered new fan parts because thought maybe it degraded or something. Once I falls asleep with laptop it falls down and made an ugly angle on back cover what may have started to bring in the dust and be sucked by fan.

Bc I am overseas it will take some time to receive new parts, I will update this topic if changing the damaged back cover what was leaking, and changing the cooler with application of new thermal paste helped.

Thank you so much again and a lot for your advices.