Crazy expansion card idea: CPU+GPU combo

Back in the old Commodore Amiga times, there was basically the option to hack your machine optionally with so called Turbo card. What would happen, if we could have a Framework motherboard with PCI-E expansion possibility, where we can buy an single prepared CPU+GPU combo card with some extra memory slots, and when you insert this expansion card, basically disables the old motherboard soldered CPU+GPU, and turns into the old machine into a upgradeable workstation. Of course this change would be significant if Framework motherboard has soldered cheap APU combos by default.

More crazy idea would be the dual usage of both worlds: I mean switching between the two, or combining the motherboard and the expansion card calculation power together.

Or keep internal computing on and put an AI accelerator in the module. May need some cooling outriggers, though.

I would think expansion cards are too small. This is more of an Expansion Bay idea for the upcoming 16"; perhaps you should repost there.

That’s not possible anymore, but Framework does literally sell easily swappable upgrade motherboards…

It would be pretty neat to have a modern version of Latitude ON though, something like a CM4 in the Expansion Bay using the DP in, but like I mentioned in the lapdock thread I don’t know if it could interface directly with the screen.

At least the expansion bay int the 16 has an edp connection to the screen, the harder part would be getting access to the keyboard and mouse through there.

Is it a direct connection? I assumed there would be some sort of mux involved.

There is probably a mux but it has not been confirmed. However a connection through a mux is pretty much a direct connection if the mux is switched to that input.